Louisiana Family Wants Bequest For Children AND Provide For Grandchildren's College Education

Was working with a couple recently who wanted to make sure that their seven grandchildren would have an opportunity to get a college education. They were unsure whether their children would have the means to pay these rising educational expenses.

They ultimately decided to leave their estate in equal portions with each child and each grandchild getting one portion. Since the grandchildren are all young, they designated that the portion of their estate that goes to the grandchildren will remain in atrust with family members as co-trustees of this trust. This way, the grandparents are assured that their children will receive an inheritance, and their grandchildren's college education is provided for.

If you want to see that part of your estate is used for the educational needs for your descendants, let us know. It will likely be harder for your grandchildren to get ahead in life, so setting up your estate to give the gift of education to your grandchildren (and maybe even your great-grandchildren) can make a big difference in the quality of life for your future generations.