"Probate Can Be a Hassle - Sometimes a Very Expensive One," says Motley Fool

Motley Fool article describing hassles of probate

Sometimes I run across articles in the newspaper or in a magazine that I like to forward along to readers on this site. Here's an article that I read this morning that advocates for estate planning as a way to avoid a lot of "expense, heartache, aggravation one day."

In the third paragraph of the article, Motley states, "Probate can be a hassle - sometimes a very expensive one. Also, property remains in limbo while in probate, which can last months or even years."

So, how of you avoid probate? Well, you do what it says at the bottom of the article - "Learn more by reading up and consulting a professional." You can certainly read and learn on this very website, and you can consult a professional by picking up your phone and dialing our toll-free phone number, 866-491-3884. Or, you can register for one of our upcoming events on our website's Events page. But do something.

As the article provides, "Above all, don't die "intestate" - without leaving behind a will or trust. In such cases, the government follows strict procedures, dividing your property according to formulas. The formulas can work well, or they can leave your heirs upset and taking each other to court."

Thanks Motley Fool for continuing the educate the public about the importance of estate planning.