How to Take Your Unique Family Circumstance and Develop a Powerful Estate Plan

     I just finished up a seminar at Pujo’s Street Cafe in Lake Charles.  I gave a great talk and met a lot of nice people that I look forward to working with.  There were a couple of family situations that I thought would be worth mentioning.  I met a really nice couple, he had two children and she had one child.  They were very concerned that if the husband died first, they didn’t want his children to give their step-mother (his wife) grief for selling the home and giving them the inheritance.  Now they are all excited because they can set things up so that when one spouse dies, the surviving spouse is protected and also there will be a proper disposition when both spouses die.  They are very excited about coming into the office to discuss things further.

     I met another couple that didn’t have any children and they were not in total agreement on where they wanted things to go.  They would like to do some charitable things for the city and also leave things for some nieces and nephews. So, we will be talking to them and working through things on how they will leave their assets the way they want.  Give me a call if you want to discuss your situation with me.  Leave a legacy!