My Upcoming New Book: How To Complete a Louisiana Probate

I'm looking forward to publishing my newest book to teach families how to complete a Louisiana Probate (also known in Louisiana as a "Succession"). Many families have had a bad experience with probate in Louisiana. Reasons so many families have a bad taste in their mouth about probate include:

  • The length of time that it took to complete all matters related to the probate;
  • The costs of completing the probate, including the attorney fees, court costs, real estate recording fees, and in some cases, appraisal costs, bonding fees, and accounting costs
  • The fact that the attorney or attorneys hired by the family members did not promptly complete all matters;
  • The lack of total cooperation by one or more of the parties to a Succession

Louisiana residents need a no nonsense book to teach them what to expect when a family member dies as it relates to getting all legal matters settled. I'm going to give you a sneak peak at the chapters of my book, and I'm inviting you to comment, in the comments below, a topic that you'd like to address that my chapters don't seem to address.

The following is my initial rough draft of the chapters of my new book teaching Louisiana families what they need to know as the start the probate/Succession court supervised procedure after a loved one dies:

  1. What is a Succession?
  2. When is a Succession necessary in Louisiana?
  3. Dealing with Nonprobate assets
  4. What information to gather when preparing to complete a Succession
  5. What to look for in a Succession attorney
  6. Communicating with all of the parties to a Succession on the front end
  7. Appointing an Administrator or Confirming an Executor
  8. The estate account at a financial institution
  9. Paying debts of the estate
  10. The Detailed Descriptive List of Assets and Liabilities
  11. The Judgment of Possession
  12. The Louisiana Succession and Taxes
  13. The Transfer of Assets to the Heirs

I haven't kept count but I know that I've been the attorney that handled hundreds of Successions over the years - maybe it's in the thousands since I've been doing this for 26 years. I plan to complete my newest book by the end of 2016. Comment below if there is additional information that you think should be added to the publication.