Should Grandparents Include Step-Grandchildren In Their Estate Legal Program?

     Hi, I was having a conversation last week from a couple out of Gonzales. They were a little worried because they didn’t know whether they should include their step-grandchildren as part of their estate planning legal program. They had 3 children, one of the children had married a few years ago and the child didn’t have any children of his own. But, the child married a woman who did have 3 children of her own.

     The couple wanted to leave something to their grandchildren, but they didn’t know whether to leave things to their step-grandchildren. We talked about it a little while and really the way it always shakes out is it’s a personal preference. Some people are very close to the step-children of their children and they like to include those step-children as part of their overall Estate Planning Program. Other people, however, feel different. Some people say, well that step-grandchild, he or she has other grandparents and we’re not real close to those step-grandchildren. So, let’s not include those step-grandchildren as part of our Estate Plan where we provided something to get our grandchildren off to a head start. Really a personal preference there.

      If you want to talk about the right way, the wrong way, to structure that you may want to give us a call and we can schedule a conversion to talk about the best way to leave things to your family.