Baton Rouge Couple Wants To Keep All Estate Affairs Private

I was working with a couple today. They own quite a bit of real estate. They own property in Baton Rouge, Zachary, St. Francisville, New Roads, Prairieville, and St. Amant. One of the most important things they want to accomplish is to provide for an ultimate distribution of their property to certain family members, without the other family members having any knowledge of it.

They ruled out making all of these bequests in their Wills, because they know that when they die, it is required that their Wills be filed into the public record for all to see.

They were also concerned about putting their Louisiana real estate in their revocable living trust, because when real estate is in a trust, a summary extract must be recorded in the parish. This extract must show who the parties in the trust are.

But we worked out a solution where he could keep all of his estate planning legal affairs private. He put his different pieces of property in LLCs, and he provided for the distribution of the LLCs in his revocable living trust. Therefore, nothing needs to be filed in the public records since the trust owns no property. The trust owns membership interests in LLCs. So, the people who they intentionally left out of the trust will not be able to determine who the properties or LLCs were left to.

If you live in Louisiana and you want to engage an estate planning attorney to keep all of your estate legal affairs private, out of the public court system, and out of the court-supervised probate proceedings, then perhaps you should email me at to determine whether we should talk about how to get it right.