Fun Times at Estate Planning Luncheon Presentation in Madisonville

Wow! What a great crowd today at the lunch presentation that I gave today in Madisonville, Louisiana. We had future estate planning clients from Madisonville, Slidell, Mandeville, Covington, and Hammond in attendance. Virtually all of these fine folks will be meeting with me in the next couple of weeks at our estate planning law firm's office in Mandeville, Louisiana.

Here are a few issues that were brought up to me by the audience that I will be addressing with these fine Louisiana families as we work through establishing an estate legal program for them.

  1. Family Home. One person in attendance wants to make sure that his daughter inherit the right to live in the home when he dies, but when the daughter later dies, he wants his four grandchildren to own the home. He wants to make sure that his daughter's husband doesn't inherit the home.
  2. Owner Financed Home. Another gentleman financed the sale of one of his homes to his daughter. Now, the daughter is not making the payments on the home. So, the gentleman wants to make sure that the daughter does not take advantage of this when he dies.
  3. Six Children and 19 Grandchildren. One couple I'll be helping talked about making things easy when they die for their family. While they have considered leaving an inheritance to the grandchildren, they appear to have settled in on leaving their estate to their six children, and then letting the six children provide for their children.
  4. Blended Family. One other couple we will be helping married about seven years ago. They each have children. The children all get along well with each other, and the couple wants an estate planning program that can keep the family relationships strong even after the couple passes away.
  5. Wants To Trash the Handwritten Will. One couple realized that they want to get rid of the handwritten Wills they made in favor of having an entire estate legal program that avoids probate and makes matters easier for each other and their children.
  6. Avoid Nursing Home Poverty. One woman said her biggest worry is that she would hate to sell all of her assets depleted if she had to reside in a nursing home in the future. She said she was pleased to realize there was a way to set things up in a way that her home and her savings would be preserved for her and her family.
  7. No children. One couple with no children wants to have plan that keeps their options open in case the surviving spouse needs to move into a retirement village.
  8. Trust Account at Credit Union. We answered one question that enabled a family to set up a revocable living trust credit union account so that the account will never be frozen, even when the people who set up the account pass away.

As you can tell, there was a variety of estate planning legal issues that were brought up today at the presentation. I look forward to the opportunity help all of these fine Louisiana families put their estate legal affairs in order.

With our Louisiana estate planning law firm's offices positioned in Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Metairie and Mandeville (with more to come later), we look forward to helping Louisiana families have peace of mind that comes from working with the right attorney to put your estate plan in order the right way the first time.