Careful When Retaining Louisiana Succession/Probate Lawyers

We are completing a Louisiana probate matter for a family. And it was a little unique regarding how it all developed.

An IT director of a major law firm lost his father. The IT director went to the attorneys at the firm and requested that the firm help he, his mother, and the rest of their family complete the Louisiana Succession - accounts were frozen and the family could not sell a piece of property.

Here's where the magic happened. One of the attorneys for the firm pulled the IT Director aside and said, "You don't want to hire this firm for that matter. Your family will get taken advantage of and you and your family will be very disappointed when this matter is finally over. Our firm bills its clients by the hour. Every time someone at our firm makes or takes a phone call, writes or reads an email, gets in their car to go to the courthouse, or corrects an error that someone at our firm made, your family will get a big legal bill. The kind of billing that our law firm undertakes in these matters promotes inefficiency, delay, mistakes, error. This may sound like me shooting myself and our firm in the foot, but your family should take its probate business elsewhere."

So, the IT Director was referred to me. We had a discussion with the family about their objectives, and we suggested a thorough and complete plan and program to be implemented immediately to complete all matters related to the father's/husband's estate issues. We mentioned a reasonable fixed amount to cover all aspects and the family hired us. 

Yesterday, we finished up the final steps and the family, while still grieving their loss, is relieved to know that this court matter is behind them.