Louisiana Couple Wants To Keep the State Out of Their Estate

I've been working with a family recently. The family had been through some terrible Successions in recent years. They wanted to make sure their estate settlement was simple and a difficult court-settlement was avoided.

They had a few other concerns. They wanted to make sure that certain pieces of property went to certain children, they wanted to make sure that the properties would not need to be sold in the event of a nursing home stay, and they wanted to avoid Successions at all cost.

They said they had Wills that were more than 40 years old and they were worried that those Wills would still be in effect.

So, we set up a comprehensive estate planning trust program, customized to fit their particular needs. They'll have all the protections in place, all the government intrusions will be avoided, and they can rest knowing that, as he said, the State would stay out of their estate.