"Why Would Anyone Want To Go Through a Succession?", a client asked.

Was talking to a client recently. His wife passed away about a year ago. He really wanted to arrange his legal affairs so that his kids would not have to go through a Succession (non-Louisiana states call this court-proceeding "Probate"). 

He and his kids went through a Louisiana probate when his wife died. His wife's investment accounts were frozen. He could not sell their family home after his wife died. 

He asked me one question that stuck in my head, "Why would anyone want to go through a Succession?" I started to try to give him an answer, but I could not give him a good answer. 

Some probate lawyers say that the court-supervision is a good thing when settling estate. That is hogwash.

Other people say that arranging the affairs to avoid probate is harder than the probate itself. But most people feel that setting up a trust and titling assets in the trust's name is easier than having the courts supervise the settling of their estate (or the settling of two estates if a married couple exists). 

We're now arranging things so that his family can disburse things out of his trust immediately when he dies, rather than waiting on attorneys to guide the family through a court process.

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