Can You Avoid a Succession or Probate in Louisiana?

Once people find out what is involved in a Louisiana probate, from why it is necessary, to all of the steps that are involved, to the time that it takes to complete a probate in Louisiana, to the costs of the proceeding that are involved, many Louisiana residents ask, "Can I arrange my estate to avoid probate?"

There is an easy answer to the "Can I Avoid Probate?" question. The answer is "Yes." But the tricky part can be, "How?"

It can get really complicated if you do not know what you are dong. There are many different kinds of assets: bank accounts, investment accounts, retirement accounts,  mineral interests, real estate interests, there's usufruct and naked ownership, limited liability companies, partnerships, corporations, vehicles, boats, trailers, RVs. 

How probate in Louisiana gets avoided depends on which types of assets you own and how does the state enable you to arrange or title things so that your survivors don't have to go through the government or the courts to simply pass that along to a loved one.

So, probate can be avoided so long as you work with the right people and get it right the first time.  You may need to utilize different vehicles to avoid probate, whether that is beneficiary designations, titling assets a certain way, using trusts, or taking advantage of Office of Motor Vehicle rules.

It just takes a little know-how and some planning to put together an estate legal program that avoid the Succession or Probate in Louisiana. Remember, some people think, however, that by writing a Last Will and Testament, they are enabling their heirs to avoid probate. But this just isn't true.