Final Steps To Putting Your Trust Program In Effect

Once all of the documents are ready and accurate, it is time for you to sign your legal documents and make it all official. When you sign your trust, you'll also likely sign a host of other legal documents, such as transfer documents transferring real estate to your trust, your pour-over Will, your powers of attorney and living will declaration, and more - depending upon the particular circumstances of your customized estate planning program.

Once all of the documents are signed, your attorney's office will likely record the transfers of real estate at the courthouse. This takes care of making sure that your real estate is in your trust. Also, on your trust is signed, you can visit your financial institutions and brokerage firms to re-title your investment accounts in the name of your trust. 

This process if re-titling your assets into the name of your trust is commonly referred to as "funding your trust." It's important that your trust be funded properly before you die so that your heirs won't have to deal with a judicial administration of your estate after you die.