What Is a "Pour-Over" Will?

Generally, people who establish an estate planning legal program either establish a Will-based estate plan or a Trust-based estate plan. When someone establishes a Trust-based plan, often one of the goals is to have assets titled in the name of the trust at death so that those assets can be distributed immediately to the trust beneficiaries without going through the Louisiana Succession, and its inherent delays, expenses, and aggravations.

People often ask, "If I have a trust, do I need a Will." Well, a pour over will is used in conjunction with a trust based plan. The purpose of the pour over will is to serve as a safety net. If, either intentionally or unintentionally, assets at death are titled in the name of the person who established the trust, then the probate proceeding will be necessary to pour-over those individually owned assets into the trust. 

Often, the ideal scenario is to have all assets titled correctly so that, at death, there are no "probate assets" in the individual's name, and the pour-over Will does not even need to be used. But the pour-over will is prepared and signed in virtually every instance where there is a trust-based plan.

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