There’s No Place For Rude or Abusive Clients and Customers. Your Comments?

One thing that any estate planning attorney enjoys (or any business owner for that matter) is the satisfaction that comes from helping other people.

In our business (and I'd say for just about any business), about 98% of the clients or customers are fantastic to work with - they are kind, patient, understanding, positive, complimentary, and a joy to work for. However, the other 2% tend to steal time and attention away from the fantastic 98%.

This 2% tend to be rude and abusive to staff, they make unreasonable demands, and they are quick to threaten to complain to a third party.

I suppose these 2% feel  the need to act this way because they think that they must be difficult in order to "get what they want." However, the 2% don't realize that they are losing long term. 

Yes, in the micro short term, the 2% might "win" because the staff will give them what they want to get the 2% of the staff's back. But the 2% will most certainly lose long term because people and businesses will refuse to do business with them...who wants to do business with a jerk?

I'm hoping that this topic addressed this way will help people and their communities realize that it's ok to be nice in business...that's the way to get what you want long term.

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