Protect Surviving Spouse

Married Couple Doesn't Want Surviving Spouse To Have To Get Children's Permission To Sell The Home

I met with a couple yesterday from Assumption Parish. They had children that were young adults but the children were still forced heirs. Their number one goal was to make legal and financial and estate matters simple for the surviving spouse after the first spouse dies. They do not want to have to get permission from the children if the surviving spouse wants to sell the house, a vehicle, or stock that they own.

They realized that if they put no legal plan in place, then when one spouse died, the surviving spouse would be at the mercy of the children if the surviving spouse wanted to sell the home or other assets they had.

We put a plan in place so that when one spouse dies, the surviving spouse can continue to control everything - the children do not need to be involved at that point - and the surviving spouse will remain in control of everything. Yet, the children's forced heirship rights will be protected in compliance with the Louisiana forced heirship laws.

One of the big reasons married couples put an estate legal plan in place is to make things simple for their surviving spouse. If you want to do the same for your spouse, simple email me at, and tell me a little about your circumstances and what your estate goals are. Then, if appropriate, we'll all get together to chat about what an estate legal program might look like.