Getting Started With Your Estate Planning Attorney


Regardless of what stage of life you are in, unforeseen circumstances can occur and it’s important to prepare for the unexpected.  At Rabalais Estate Planning, our attorneys are up to date on estate tax law and regulations, the rules governing ongoing trusts, and other matters.  Our estate planning attorneys are trustworthy and have the technical expertise to compose documents according to your wishes for your heirs.

There are valuable things to consider when choosing your estate planning attorney.

  • Find an attorney that deals exclusively in estate planning.  Many law practices handle estate planning issues along with a multitude of other services.  Estate planning is the sole focus of our business.  We were established in 1995 with a primary goal to make the estate planning process as comfortable and streamlined as possible.
  • Set up an initial meeting to get to know the attorney and to determine if a good, long-lasting relationship can be established. At Rabalais Estate Planning, we spend time finding out what is important to you.  We then build a financial arrangement specific to your needs.  An advantage of working with Rabalais Estate Planning is that we absorb the cost of this first session.
  • Confirm with the attorney a quote or estimate regarding the fees you will be required to pay.  Make sure you have a thorough understanding of how you will be charged.  At Rabalais Estate Planning, you will work with an attorney who provides a legal benefits for a single rate. 
  • Organize your financial information.  You should create a list or spreadsheet of your assets, their values and how they are titled.  The more accurate and thorough you are, the better job your Rabalais Estate Planning attorney can be at preparing the estate planning documents that meet your goals.
  • Think about whom you want your heirs to be.  Also, give some thought to how and when you want these people to inherit from you.  At Rabalais Estate Planning, we incorporate all of your wishes to pass on your financial legacy.
  • Think about whom you want your executor or trustee to be.
  • Think about whom you would want to make health care decisions for you if you are unable to make them for yourself.  Also, determine any specific instructions about your care that you would like to incorporate in your financial arrangement.
  • Write down any thoughts and questions you have to address with your attorney as you go through this process.  Rabalais Estate Planning attorneys have counseled many families and have seen the results of proper planning.  Our attorneys are experts in the estate planning business, but no one knows your family like you do.  If you give some advance thought to these matters, it will help your Rabalais Estate Planning attorney assist you.

“Rabalais Estate Planning has truly been a blessing to our family in preparing, planning, and maintaining our estate for the future. Everyone is personal, professional, and knowledgeable in our dealings with them. They truly go over and beyond in addressing our needs and explained legal terms in understandable language. We are very pleased and feel secure that our future is well-planned.”                                                                                           -Patsy Moore