Lifetime Lawyer Program

One thing that makes Rabalais Estate Planning unique is that our clients participate in a Lifetime Lawyer Program which provides an ongoing, lifetime of service with an estate planning attorney.  With Rabalais Estate Planning, you will develop and maintain a customized and comprehensive program that will provide peace of mind for you and your family for the duration of your life. There are considerable values associated with our Lifetime Lawyer Program.

  • You will engage in a lifetime relationship with a Rabalais Estate Planning attorney.  The customized program that is established for you and your family will cover you now and in the future, through life changes, and law revisions.  
  • You will take part in an ongoing educational process provided by Rabalais Estate Planning.  Monthly newsletters, webinars, and live presentations are just a few of the ways you can stay up-to-date on legal matters and tax trends to keep your estate protected.
  • Your family will have easy and immediate access to your legal documents after you die.  Rabalais Estate Planning keeps permanent, scanned documents of all of your estate planning records for your family’s convenience.  Settling the estate will be an easy experience for your heirs.
  • You will benefit from the peace of mind in knowing that Rabalais Estate Planning is with you for a lifetime, through any and all life-changing events.

Rabalais Estate Planning’s exclusive Lifetime Lawyer Program provides the privilege of developing a financial arrangement and keeping it maintained for the rest of your life.

“Thanks for guiding us through creating our Revocable Living Trust.  Your knowledge and professionalism have been invaluable to us.  We are looking forward to having you as our lifelong lawyer and new friend.”                                                - Donald and Elaine Brown