Focus on the Estate Planning Niche to Grow Your Financial Advisory Business

Gone are the days where a "generalist" can get ahead in the marketplace. Everyone is looking for a specialist. The general financial planners are a "dime a dozen." But according to a CNBC study, 38% of those with investable assets have not used a financial expert to establish an estate plan. So, if you can establish yourself as a financial expert who helps investors protect their estate and leave a legacy for their family, you will stand out and attract some of the 38% of America who has $1,000,000 or more in investments to your office.

So, how do you develop yourself as an investment advisor who has developed a differentiating niche in wealth transfer and estate planning? Well, you can do the following:

  • Reach out to me and offer to be a Guest Blogger on my website's blog page. Our website gets viewed thousands of times each month so you will be perceived as an investment advisor who knows how tohelp investors prepare for their wealth transfer;
  • Comment regularly to my blog posts on my website's blog page. Again, with thousands of views monthly, you'll get recognition toward your niche;
  • Host joint workshops and seminars with me so that you increase your wealth transfer and expertise, and you show your clients (and the friends, family members, and colleagues of your clients) that you are a trusted advisor they can turn to assist with wealth transfer strategies;
  • Present a joint estate planning webinar to your contacts. I have all of the necessary webinar presentation software all lined up. All we have to do is let your contacts know about the webinar. Just the simple act of inviting your contacts to a webinar that you initiate where you discuss important wealth transfer strategies, will be enough to be perceived as a wealth manager who has developed the niche of helping high net worth individuals protect their estate from the government and for their heirs.

Take the first step today toward developing your wealth transfer niche and becoming the wealth manager in your community who is known for helping its clients preserve their wealth, and protect it for their heirs.