Joint Educational Seminar With Estate Planning Attorney To Grow Your Wealth Management Practice

Financial advisors continually pursue new ways to thrive and expand their business in a highly competitive market. The growing competition from virtually all other sectors of the financial industry requires that you find a compelling means of diversifying and separating yourself from the competition. Not doing so could drastically affect your ability to maintain and cultivate your client base, which in turn will impact your bottom line and affect your opportunity to maintain the standard of living that you desire.

One of the ways that you can build your business by improving your relationships with your clients' family members, and to gain new introductions and referrals, is to host joint educational workshops with an entertaining and informative estate planning attorney.

The wealth management business is a relationship business, and there is no better way to form the right kind of relationships with ideal client prospects is to host an event to show your wealth management expertise, and to show that you care enough about your clients that you are working with an estate planning attorney to help your clients leave their legacy to their survivors.

Taking a relaxed approach to building your business by waiting on your friends and colleagues and clients to refer business to you, or by doing the old-fashioned networking events, doesn't work anymore. The most successful wealth managers are those who pro-actively educate their clients on wealth and estate related matters important to them. These days, it's hard for your clients to get solid, accurate, state-specific estate planning legal information. By hosting an educational workshop or seminar with a successful estate planning attorney, you will differentiate yourself from your competition.

The beauty is that you don't have to spend years trying to learn all of these difficult esoteric estate planning concepts prior to hosting an estate planning event. You just need to have the right relationship with the right estate planning attorney what wants to work with you to educate your community and grow your business.

Here's One Scenario To Start Growing Your Business

You will be the host of four live estate planning events which will include an estate planning attorney as a guest speaker. Since I am accomplished at attracting and retaining a significant client base through public speaking, this program will separate you from your competitors who typically host events to discuss topics such as savings and investment fundamentals, investment strategies for retirement, managing risk and market fluctuations, or tax planning strategies. You can differentiate yourself as a comprehensive wealth manager by hosting events that inform and educate the public on the essential components of estate planning.

Each invited attendee will receive four tickets to share with friends, colleagues, and family members. By inviting your existing clients, you will be supporting and nurturing those longstanding relationships. By encouraging your current clients to invite their friends, colleagues, and family members, you will have the opportunity to meet and develop new prospective clients.

Live events are a dynamic and useful tool to aide in establishing and building relationships by:

  • Making face-to-face connections.
  • Increasing your visibility.
  • Building trust with the audience.
  • Positioning you as an authority on a topic.
  • Providing uninterrupted attention with the audience.
  • Generating new business leads and the opportunity to earn referrals.
  • Utilizing a professionally prepared evaluation form for clients to express their interest and provide contact information.

Suggested titles for these career-enhancing, client-attracting programs include:

• How to avoid probate and government interference by working with the right financial advisor and estate planning attorney.

• How you, your family, and loved ones can avoid taxes at death by working with a team of professionals.

• How to work with an estate planning attorney and an investment advisor to make your children’s inheritance divorce proof.

• Four ways to utilize financial and legal strategies and avoid nursing home poverty.

Contact me to start a conversation about how easy it is to start and maintain this critical component of your wealth management practice. I look forward to working with you to help you grow your business the right way.

Leave a Legacy!