Use Joint Webinars With Estate Planner To Grow Wealth Management Practice


Utilizing webinars to grow your wealth management is a smart business development strategy. They are a powerful tool to educate and nurture existing clients and also to attract new clients that can help grow your business. To make it easy to get started, you can co-host a webinar with me that is marketed to all of your clients, prospective clients, and any other contacts you have that can help you grow your business. You could be the co-host of one or many webinar presentation programs along with an estate planning attorney who will organize the event. The webinars will require minimal time and effort since you can simply access our webinar program from a remote location and engage in a conversation with existing and potential clients along with the estate planning attorney. We are experienced in the technological aspects of webinar presentations and will provide the necessary training to participate as a co-host.

The many benefits of hosting a webinar include:

• You can develop authority and trust as a host.

• The attendees have time to get to know you and become emotionally invested in you and your business.

• The interactive nature of a webinar allows you to understand your audience.

• There is an unlimited capacity for attendees and business can quickly generate revenue.

• The registration process allows you to collect lead information.

• You can re-purpose the script by converting the presentation to a blog post series.

• The financial advisor experiences no cost for co-hosting the event.

Suggested topics for these events which will allow you to showcase your expertise, products and services include:

• How to title your investment accounts and designate your beneficiaries for ease of transfer at death.

• How to structure your investment portfolio and work with an estate planning attorney to protect your special needs children.

• The five ways to avoid gift and estate tax.

• How to protect your IRA and other retirement accounts for your heirs, from the perspective of a wealth manager and an estate planning attorney.

Simply contact me to have a conversation about how to start co-hosting webinar events to show that you care about your clients and their ability to transfer their wealth to the next generation. This activity will create the necessary buzz in your community so that your new business and referral activity will build up. You'll also score big points with your existing clients, enabling you to increase the amount of business that you do with existing clients.

So, what do you have to lose? Get started planning your first co-hosted webinar and leave a legacy!