"Learn Secrets Most Louisiana Senior Citizens Will Never Know About Protecting Your Life Savings and Home Value From Nursing Home Costs and other Government Intrusions"

In My Free "How Louisiana Residents Avoid Nursing Home Poverty" Video, You'll Learn Specific Legal Strategies Like:

  • How to protect your bank accounts and CDs;
  • How the government can take your home value after you die;
  • When is the best time to start protecting your estate from future nursing home costs;
  • What new laws are on the horizon that relate to protecting your estate from nursing home poverty;
  • Tax traps to avoid when trying to protect your estate from nursing home costs;
  • How to protect your IRA from the nursing home;
  • How simple it can be protect your estate if you do the right things at the right time;
  • A step-by-step system you can put in place in a matter of days to protect your estate;
  • Whether to use legal strategies for protection even if you have long term care insurance;
  • How to keep control of your estate but avoid losing it to the nursing home;