Find out the different services we offer and what you can expect to pay for them.

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Don’t risk your estate on a cookie-cutter Last Will and Testament.

At Rabalais Estate Planning, LLC, we know that the only estate planning program worth investing in is one that’s created specifically to help your you and your family achieve its estate planning goals.

That’s why we start every new client with so an in-depth estate planning analyses, so we can uncover the perfect strategy, tactics and content that we can package up into the best estate planning program you can have — to protect your estate from unnecessary attorney and court involvement, unique to your family circumstances. To make that level of customization possible, we can’t offer up-front price quotes. There are just too many variables.

But we can at least give you ballpark ranges of what you can expect to pay.


The Complete Family Protection, Privacy & Ease Estate Trust-Based Estate Planning Legal Program: $4,000-7,000+

Our flagship trust-based estate planning solution includes our proven estate planning discovery process, where you personally visit with estate planning attorney, Paul Rabalais, and we dive deep into your estate planning objectives, your estate assets, your family, and your estate objectives to figure out the very best estate planning strategies. We’ll then design all the legal documentation for a fully custom estate planning program that best serves that strategy. As with all our estate planning legal clients, the goal is to get protect what you have for yourself and your loved ones while avoiding intrusions from the government and other third parties.  Includes all incapacity legal documents including power of attorney and living will declaration, and all office visits, telephone, and email support.


The Essentials Will-Based Estate Planning Program: $1,500-$2,500+

Our Last Will-based estate planning program begins with the same thorough discovery process, and is still based on accomplishing our client’s estate objectives. The only difference lies in the fact that your Will-based estate plan will require that your family go through the court-supervised Probate/Succession process when you pass away.

Rather than re-titling certain assets you own into your trust, we streamline things, for the present, creating your Will-based estate plan and keeping all assets in your name. But we don’t stop there. Just like in the Complete Family Protection Plan, we customize the necessary incapacity legal documents, such as your powers of attorney and living will declarations. So, in the end, the right people will have the authority to do things for your and your estate, even though a probate will be necessary to complete your estate settlement.


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