Probate Legal Services

When an individual passes away, owning certain assets in their name, the surviving family members must go through the court-supervised probate process to settle their estate.  Probate is a legal procedure that includes transferring assets from the name of the deceased into the names of the appropriate heirs.  It involves identifying and inventorying the deceased person’s property, obtaining property appraisals, paying debts and taxes, and distributing the remaining assets as the will or state law directs.

Many people consider the probate process to be a lengthy, complicated and often challenging one.  On top of dealing with the loss of a loved one, survivors must become informed on tax and legal matters that they may never have experienced before.  Some of the tasks that must be performed include:

  • Preparing the numerous but necessary court pleadings.

  • Working with the judge’s office to obtain signatures on the appropriate court orders.

  • Working with the legal departments of the various financial institutions that hold the assets of the deceased.

  • Transferring the titles of the relevant real estate from the deceased to the appropriate heirs.

  • Interpreting the Last Will and Testament of the loved one to assure all involved parties receive the appropriate communication at the proper time.

  • Complying with the laws pertaining to federal estate tax and other tax reporting issues.

Even with family members that are in agreement and supportive of each other, the probate process can be painstaking because of the regulatory matters, court rules and complex tax issues. It is vital to receive guidance from an estate planning attorney that has valuable experience, exceptional ability, endless patience, proven professionalism and quality client service skills. The staff at Rabalais Estate Planning has concentrated on probate matters and estate administration for years and their expertise is used to skillfully simplify the process for their clients. Clients gain peace of mind from the work that Rabalais Estate Planning completes to develop a comprehensive plan to get the entire estate settled from start to finish without the hardships that families typically experience.

“The handling of my mother’s probate was extremely professional, a very easy process for me and my siblings.  Everything was explained to us on a step by step basis.  You and your staff were the utmost professionals.”                                                                                    - Michael Corry