Simplified Estate Planning


At Rabalais Estate Planning, we design a customized, comprehensive and ongoing estate planning program that will cover you presently and in the future.  No matter what stage of life you are in, or as laws and regulations change, our estate planning attorneys will guide you and your heirs.  Rabalais Law estate planning attorneys provide technical expertise to compose documents tailored to the desires of you and your family. Throughout your life, you can stay informed on all estate planning issues through various tools and educational events offered by our firm.

  • Rabalais Law provides you with a professional and thorough twelve-section Estate Planning portfolio that includes any or all of the following documents and information.

        Revocable Living Trust

        Trust transfer documents

        Pour-Over Last Will and Testament

        Property Power of Attorney

        Health Care Power of Attorney

        Living Will

        Life insurance policies

        Location lists

        Estate planning letter

        Instructions for settlors and trustees

        Glossary of legal terms

  • The portfolio is comprehensive and allows you to keep all of the important components of your financial arrangement organized, concise and in one place.  It can be easily attainable for those occasions when timely access is important.  Your estate planning portfolio is constructed using terms that are easy to understand.
  • Rabalais Estate Planning provides a monthly newsletter for clients only.  The publication, Your Legacy Matters, enables you to stay up to date on all tax and legal trends to keep your estate protected.
  • Rabalais Estate Planning offers ongoing educational events such as webinars and live presentations to further educate you in all estate planning topics, such as

        How to save on taxes, including gift and estate taxes, capital gains taxes, income taxes, property taxes and taxes on retirement accounts.

        How to leave your estate to your spouse, your children or your grandchildren.

        How to avoid losing your estate to a nursing home.

        Other important estate legal strategies

  • Rabalais Estate Planning maintains scanned estate planning documents for all clients.  The attorneys and staff are always available to provide immediate and easy access for your heirs, upon your death.
  • Rabalais Estate Planning values all client relationships.  For your lifetime, you will enjoy a personal and professional relationship with our firm.  Upon your death, this relationship will continue with your heirs and they will find comfort in the simplicity of your estate settlement.

“Having recently completed my meetings with Paul Rabalais and Rabalais Estate Planning, and the process of transferring my assets to our Trust, for the first time I feel that my family is in a good position to secure and distribute all of our assets in a timely and orderly manner.  The book that was furnished to us keeps everything in order and holds all documents necessary by law to complete any required transactions.”                                        - Frederick Capdevielle

“In a clear, concise way you explained how we could avoid probate and how to make it easy for our children to know what our desires are concerning our health issues and our end of life desires.  We appreciate the estate planning portfolio with the layman’s version of the estate plan.  We also appreciate the layout of the portfolio along with the glossary of legal terms.”                                                                                          - Curtis and Pat Dockens