The Rabalais Estate Planning Advantage


At Rabalais Estate Planning, we strive to maintain the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in our relationship with our clients.  We help our clients develop a comprehensive estate plan that is tailored to their unique needs, concerns, and goals.  We believe that a well thought out and professionally developed financial arrangement will provide peace of mind and make the transitions through generations easy and cost efficient.


“The first thing that impressed me was your low key, no pressure presentation; then I was impressed with how well you knew the various laws regarding wills and estates. You told me several things I had never heard before - important things that I felt the will I had at the time did not address. From the beginning, I also felt I could trust you. I now have the finished product - my new completed will and financial plan. I am even more impressed with it than I expected to be and I am very pleased. I am sure my three sons, my heirs, will be equally impressed and pleased with the way this document serves them at my death.” 

-Frederick Sears Harris, Jr.


“A highly professional staff who provided personalized, attentive support throughout the entire process of estate planning. No questions asked by us was taken as trivial. They have continued to provide assistance even after the plan was finalized.”    

-Wayne Rader


We appreciated the following characteristics of your service to us: You had an organized approach to help us with our estate plan; protection of our assets for use by both spouses; protection of each spouse’s personal assets; arrange for fair distribution of assets upon the death of each spouse. You helped us through the process of planning our estate and allowing for changes as time passes. You answered all of our questions. You were knowledgeable of the tax effects and distribution effects of our planning decisions. You advised us of steps not to take because those steps complicate the estate without adding benefit. You advised us how to avoid our heirs having to go to court to settle our estate. We appreciated that your service was reasonably priced and fixed from the beginning, based on the needs we expressed.   

-Lawrence and Rose Thummel