Raquel Cortina and Mary Ann Bulla, Thibodeaux, LA

Dear Chris,

I had been knowing for years that I needed to do estate planning, but it seemed like such a formidable task that I kept putting it off. Then I went to one of the Rabalais seminars conducted by Chris Kane and realized how terribly important it was that I immediately do something about it. I have a unique situation, having never been married or had children and owning a good bit of property, so it seemed daunting to approach this whole thing. However, a friend who is in the same situation joined me and we went together to see Chris Kane. Right away he made it so comfortable and explained everything so clearly that we engaged him to help us. It was one of the best decisions of our lives! Chris is not only thoroughly knowledgeable about everything involved, but he is so unbelievably easy to talk to and to work with. He explains everything in simple every-day language and puts you completely at ease. It was actually a very enjoyable experience. Both of us feel happy and relieved that all was take care of with such expertise and efficiency. We recommend Chris to anyone who needs help in this area. He is wonderful!!

Raquel Cortina and Mary Ann Bulla