John Michael and Peggy Gulledge, Baton Rouge, LA

"We received the flyer in the mail and it had just so happened that both my husband and I had lost our parents in the past two years.  So we were thinking along these lines anyway.  My mom had everything in a trust for my brother, sister and I.  It made it so much easier.  Fortunately, my husband's parents also had all their information listed.  We thought we would go to the seminar and get the most current information to do this for ourselves as well.  We signed up that very night.  Paul was very personable and presented the facts about the options clearly and with a little story that made it very understandable.  We felt that he was the right person for us and we have not been disappointed.  And the bonus is that the staff is just as personable, nice and attentive.  We would definitely recommend that you check it out for yourselves if this is where you are in your life.  It well be time well spent!"

- John Michael and Peggy Gulledge, Baton Rouge, LA