Wilfred and Dorothy Scott, Lafayette, LA

"This was an absolute great life-learning and life-altering experience that has changed lives as well as our thinking or re-thinking when it comes to future probate, succession and estate planning for sure.  In fact, this seminar presentation is the most detailed and most informative on estate planning, probate, succession, etc. that we have every had an opportunity to attend.

We are now very grateful and hopeful for the future outlook in regards to our affairs in all areas.  Attorney Paul Rabalais did an outstanding job in a clear well-organized manner in his factual legal documentation for everyone to be able to fully comprehend.  Specific information was very concise on the "how to," "the why to," "the where to" as well as the "what to do" and establish for all documents needed to establish a Living Trust andIrrevocable Trust.

We also greatly acknowledge and appreciate the professionalism, the smooth transition and directives in setting up our very own living trust just the way things were presented in an expedious and excellent manner.  Mr. Rabalais and his staff are just absolutely excellent in what they do.  For this, we are very pleased and thankful for the service rendered.  We highly recommend Rabalais Estate Planning for anyone's estate planning needs.  Thank you.

- Wilfred and Dorothy Scott, Lafayette, LA