City: Baton Rouge

Marguerite Belhadjali, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Growing older, Wills, Trusts, estate planning, Powers of Attorney, became necessary but confusing and unimaginable for me, to both understand and deal with. That is until my son brought me to Rabalais Estate Planning. Suddenly someone with knowledge, experience and understanding was advising me. A week late I received complete drafts, the documents for my approval, along with a glossary of legal terms. Everything was exactly as I had hoped. A great burden was lifted from my mind as I signed my name to the final documents with deepest thanks to Paul Rabalais. 

Kathy Naquin & Deborah DeBruyn, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

First - You knew and accepted our situation. Second - The questions asked for pertinent information delivered into all the needed spots - many we had not considered. Third - When we received the initial drafts and we call with two small questions the answers were immediately provided as though you knew what we'd ask. Fourth - Everything was extremely professional yet very caring and understanding of all circumstances. Fifth - We'd recommend this to anyone who have - as we had - the same concerns. 

Joseph & Rose Hughes, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Periodically, it is necessary to review your estate plan and make appropriate changes. We use Paul 15 years ago and were satisfied with his advice. Recently, we reviewed our estate plan with the help of Paul's staff and after reading, Paul's book, we were thoroughly satisfied with the advice and product. 

Charles (Rodney) & Nancy Fornea, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Estate planning is not something anyone looks forward to so we tend to put it off as long as we can. Once we decided it was time, Rabalais Estate Planning made this process easy to accomplish. We sat down with Paul and his staff and they explained in detail our options and helped us make decisions that were best for our family, thus making the estate planning process go smoothly. Everything was presented to us in a way we could understand what needed to be done. Thanks to Rabalais Estate Planning we can now be assured that we have taken care of our estate and made things as easy as possible for our family. 

Ronald & Sandra Dent, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Getting a Will was an easier process that we thought. We put this off for years not understanding what all we want covered and Rabalais Estate Planning knew exactly what we needed and completed in a timely manner. Highly recommend. 

Allyson Eckman, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Paul Rabalais and his team has helped and served me and my family since 2005 after attending one of his seminars. I followed up the seminar with an appointment to evaluate my family situation and was pleased with the attention he gave my complex family. After experiencing the loss of several family members, I was comforted and secure knowing that everything had been taken care of prior. It all took a couple of appointments to sign papers because all had been done years before. Thank You.

Neil & Glenda Dees, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

We first met Paul and Carol at a lunch on Highland Road. To Glenda and I, the meal was good. After, Paul sat across the table from us and answered questions for us. Glenda and I went to his office on Siegen Lane. Glenda and I asked what he could do about land in two different parishes. We live in Baton Rouge. He had an excellent plan and suggestions. Glenda and I feel that Paul Rabalais, Carol, Catherine, Brooke, and Ciara went above and beyond the call of duty. These people are extremely efficient by also friendly. 

Frank & Doris Rizzutto, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Mr. Rabalais, You are very thorough and detailed in explanation of every aspect for estate planning. We just wish we would have known you sooner and had your expertise before now - but it is never too late or too soon to get your affairs in order. Thank God we did this and have peace of mind. Our wishes and concerns are taken care of before something terrible happens to us. This is a very tailored service that you and your firm provide. It is worth so much more than the upfront fee we paid. Thanks to each of you and God bless!

Jonann Stutzman, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The professionals at Rabalais Law were very attentive and concentrated on my specific needs. Once we agreed upon a direction for my estate planning, the documents were expedited in a timely fashion, reviewed and executed. I would recommend Rabalais Law to a family member, friend, or colleague. 

Charles and Sylvia McKee, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Dear Paul Rabalais and staff,

We would like to thank you for your prompt and most professional services in explaining, setting up, and walking us through our estate planning process. Please convey our deepest appreciation to all involved in the process as we also had to deal with the devastating flood in August of this year. You and your entire staff were certainly very patient and accommodating to us during this disastrous period in our lives. This has not been very easy for us at ages 72 and 71. Thank you for your wonderful services and know that we will not hesitate to refer any potential customers that we may come into contact with.  


Sylvia J. McKee

Lynn and Sandra Champagne, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

- Very interested in our life concerns.

- Relaxed setting.

- Pleasant staff.

- Took the time to go over our Wills.

- Like that we did phone meetings to save time and make sure that all was in order. 

- Gave suggestions.

- Reasonable fee.

Michael and Sherrill Boudreaux, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Your team is very efficient, knowledgeable, and punctual. They are very informed about the documents they are presenting for execution. The binder is the best organization of documents. Appreciate all of the help.