City: Gonzales

Dempsey Pendarvis, Gonzales, Louisiana

Thank you for assisting in preparing me for such an unpopular subject as death. My experience has been very professional and extremely thorough. The consideration you all showed to my best friend, Mr. Earl, showed me that you and your staff are exceptional people. I would highly recommend Rabalais Estate Planning, LLC without a doubt.  

Lawrence & Marie Cannon, Gonzales, Louisiana

I am first of all very satisfied with Rabalais Estate Planning because they made me feel comfortable talking to them and not afraid they would make me feel so uneducated. They were all very friendly from the lady at the front desk to Mr. Rabalais himself. They explain things so you understand in layman's words and answer any questions you want to ask. They make sure that they understand exactly how you want your estate planning out and guide you to make sure you are covered on everything. I am so glad I went to the seminar to learn about planning a trust so my family will have no troubles and worries when my husband and I pass away. 

Sandra Gautreau, Gonzales, Louisiana

I was having concerns of what I should do if something happened to me and I would pass away how much trouble and stress would my family have in trying to take care of my things after I am gone. I did not want to stress out anyone in dealing with this. I went to a Rabalais Estate Planning presented by Paul Rabalais in Gonzales, LA. I was very pleased about things he was presenting to answer my questions. After the seminar, I was able to meet with Paul at a later date to a 1 hour consultation to get all of my questions answered and he shared things with me that helped me feel confident about his law practice. That 1 hour did not cost me anything, it was free. I knew when I left I wanted Paul to handle my Estate Planning. He said in the seminar that it is all about me and my wishes and he did just that. They typed up everything, sent me a copy to read and if I need to make changes I could change. And if I needed to ask more questions they were very happy to make sure I got my answers and was comfortable with everything. Everyone is so nice that office and so willing to there for you. I can still call them anytime to talk with them and there is no charge for me. They don't keep asking for money for what they do. This, I was very impressed with. Paul and staff are very good people to work with and they do what they say they will do for you. Highly recommend them. Honest and caring law firm .

Michael and Deborah Becnel, Gonzales, LA

"In our initial meeting with Paul, we discussed which trust was best for our situation at this time in our lives.  Paul answered all of our many questions and told us we couldmake changes years later with no additional cost.   We signed all the documents within a month of our initial meeting.  The staff was very friendly and courteous.  They explained in detail everything in the portfolio."

- Michael and Deborah Becnel, Gonzales, La

Donald and Patricia Ruiz, Gonzales, LA

  1. "Courteous toward the clients.
  2. Making information easy to understood.
  3. Follow ups with the client was important.
  4. Stating what we wanted in the beginning of the process so Rabalais Estate Planning could prepare the will.
  5. At the end, we now know there will be a smooth transition of our assets to our children."

- Donald and Patricia Ruiz, Gonzales, LA