City: Metairie/Kenner

Mark K. Mauer, Sr., Metairie, Louisiana

Paul and his staff return phone calls, do what they say, when they, and how they say! Which is very refreshing for a law firm in today's world. They will call and remind you about appointments as well. I have referred three clients to Paul in my first moth of Paul doing my estate plan. I highly recommend anyone who needs estate planning services, to use Paul Rabalais. 

Betty & Mike Romance, Kenner, LA

We would like to thank you for your help in explaining some of the complicated Louisiana laws pertaining to our estate. The information you provided was simply put. We also appreciate you sharing with some of our adult children from out of state who happened to be visiting at the time of your visit. Thank you for being easy to talk to  and understanding as well. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Marilyn & Richard Meece, Metairie, LA

This is to express my kind of gratitude for the way you handled my estate planning. Like so many people I did not realize that having a will alone is often not enough to protect the best interest of my heirs in this Napoleonic state. The two of you make a great team, one in presentation and one in preparation. I did not have to lift a finger. You did all the work in filing the investment company’s change of beneficiary forms, etc. I also appreciate how you protected my son, who is on disability, by advising me to set up a separate trust. It is a pleasure doing business with professionals like you. 

Ferol & Elizabeth Simoneaux, Destrehan, LA

What a pleasant surprise! I fully expected a rather painful process while getting through our estate planning, Wills, etc. From the first visit, however, up until our receipt of your most impressive portfolio of our state of affairs, we were confident that we had placed our trust in the right person. I believe that our confidence was due to your skill as a listener and communicator, and your apparent knowledge of Louisiana tax laws in general, and how specific laws would affect us, in particular. It was a most positive experience for us, Paul, and I am glad that we were led to you for help. 

Lee & Becky Romig, Kenner, LA

My wife and I have been procrastinating in our needs to complete our estate planning, fearing a painful process. However with an impending transfer overseas we were forced to manage our affairs. We requested recommendations from numerous sources on a law firm that can represent us and our needs. Paul Rabalais was highly recommended by several work associates and validated by our financial advisor. My wife and I met with Paul Rabalais on two separate occasions, for less than an hour each time, to complete our estate plan. Paul was very personable and well-organized which expedited the process. My family and I can now move forward with the overseas transfer with full knowledge and comfort that our personal, financial and legal affairs are in order.

Samuel and Judy Stromme, Destrehan, LA

"We had many questions about our estate plan and attended an informational meeting with Paul Rabalais.  From our first encounter, my husband and I felt at ease and knew our affairs would be handled properly.  Paul and his staff answered all of our questions quickly an knowledgeably.  We are relieved to have this plan completed and recommend Rabalais Estate Plan to anyone."

- Samuel and Judy Stromme, Destrehan, La

Shirley Naquin, Destrehan, LA

“Mr. Naquin and I saw your ad in the Clarion Herald and decided this made sense for us at the time.  We contacted you and made an appointment to see you at Chateau Country Club in Kenner.  There we saw and heard what made sense to us, as we knew little about trusts. Your explanations were clear enough for even us.  At Rabalais Estate Planning, we were treated speedily and courteously when action started immediately.  We find your fees very reasonable for the time and services you offered us.  Thank you very much!”  
                                                                       - Shirley Naquin, Destrehan, LA

Clara and Larry Lesslie, Metairie, LA

Dear Mr. Kane,
                Larry and I want to thank you so much for all you did in setting up our family trust. Neither one of us know anything about trusts, but because of the time you took to explain things to us, we feel so much more secure and confident. You are a very patient man and took the extra effort to explain things in language we could understand. You’ll never know how much that meant to us. We appreciate everything you did and all the time you spent to make this work.
Clara and Larry Lesslie