Dempsey Pendarvis, Gonzales, Louisiana

Thank you for assisting in preparing me for such an unpopular subject as death. My experience has been very professional and extremely thorough. The consideration you all showed to my best friend, Mr. Earl, showed me that you and your staff are exceptional people. I would highly recommend Rabalais Estate Planning, LLC without a doubt.  

Lawrence & Marie Cannon, Gonzales, Louisiana

I am first of all very satisfied with Rabalais Estate Planning because they made me feel comfortable talking to them and not afraid they would make me feel so uneducated. They were all very friendly from the lady at the front desk to Mr. Rabalais himself. They explain things so you understand in layman's words and answer any questions you want to ask. They make sure that they understand exactly how you want your estate planning out and guide you to make sure you are covered on everything. I am so glad I went to the seminar to learn about planning a trust so my family will have no troubles and worries when my husband and I pass away. 

Melvin Ardoin, Jr., Lake Charles, Louisiana

My family has used Rabalais Estate Planning four times in the past 5 years. We continue to use Mr. Paul Rabalais for our estate matters because the work is done in a timely manner and mistake free. The staff at Rabalais Estate is polite, very knowledgeable, and professional. 

Kathy Naquin & Deborah DeBruyn, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

First - You knew and accepted our situation. Second - The questions asked for pertinent information delivered into all the needed spots - many we had not considered. Third - When we received the initial drafts and we call with two small questions the answers were immediately provided as though you knew what we'd ask. Fourth - Everything was extremely professional yet very caring and understanding of all circumstances. Fifth - We'd recommend this to anyone who have - as we had - the same concerns. 

Neil & Glenda Dees, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

We first met Paul and Carol at a lunch on Highland Road. To Glenda and I, the meal was good. After, Paul sat across the table from us and answered questions for us. Glenda and I went to his office on Siegen Lane. Glenda and I asked what he could do about land in two different parishes. We live in Baton Rouge. He had an excellent plan and suggestions. Glenda and I feel that Paul Rabalais, Carol, Catherine, Brooke, and Ciara went above and beyond the call of duty. These people are extremely efficient by also friendly. 

Vernon & Juanita Morgan, Lake Charles, Louisiana

As my wife and I began to develop questions concerning our will, probate problems, and in general what are Louisiana's laws concerning these things, Paul Rabalais offered a short evening seminar to talk about just such things. The seminar was very helpful, basically bringing up idea we had never considered. Mr. Rabalais offered us a very informative book he had written which gave us a way to study terms he had discussed in his seminar. After we asked Mr. Rabalais to help us with our estate planning, we met and he developed items for us to consider as he asked questions about lives and wishes. Everything done was easy, comfortable, and logical. His law office is occupied by dedicated professionals and my wife and I have had a burden lifted. We are grateful for Rabalais Estate Planning's help. 

David and Victoria Buller, Iowa, Louisiana

Rabalais Law treated us with much dignity, understanding, and respect. They were attentive to our needs and responded to our concerns. 

They were punctual, professional, but not condescending in their efforts to explain.

We feel there is a certain "peace" with our trust being set forth.  

Milton and Doris Clouatre, Prairieville, Louisiana

We were very impressed how professional our meeting were handled. Each personnel we had contact with treated us with the greatest respect and kindness. All of our questions were answered to our understanding. We would definitely recommend your law firm to everyone.  

Melvin Ardoin, Lake Charles, Louisiana

I want to thank Rabalais Law Estate Planning for making the process to protect my assets so easy to understand and have done. Mr. Rabalais set up a Family Irrevocable Trust. This allows my children to own my assets after I pass away and allows them to do as they want with my property. The handling of this Trust was extremely professional. The entire staff at Rabalais Law was courteous and professional. This was the second time I have used Rabalais Law.

David & Mae Gautreaux, Lake Charles, LA

Mr. Rabalais has completed my living will. I am so glad he was able to help me. In a living will, he can answer any question you have. He is an expert on the subject. I would recommend him to anyone. After all, he wrote the book on wills, probate, power of attorney, Medicaid, living wills, and taxes.

Donna D. Jones, Duson, LA

When I had a question, it was answered promptly, courteously, and professionally. I would highly recommend your law firm to family, friends, and others when I have the opportunity to do so. I enjoyed working with your very professional staff.

Philip & Darryl L., Baton Rouge, LA

Rabalais Estate Planning was very courteous and displayed great knowledge in helping us to plan our estate. Any questions that we had about the legal system were answered in a matter that we could understand.

Elizabeth Ginn, Baton Rouge, LA

I attended Paul Rabalais’ estate planning seminar several years ago and I procrastinated about making an appointment. I was very impressed with Mr. Rabalais’ knowledge of the law, but I was fearful that the process would be confusing and time-consuming. I recently had Mr. Rabalais create a will, power of attorney, and a living will for me. He and his staff were extremely knowledgeable, kind and professional and he gently guided me through the process thoroughly explaining each action. For a wonderful peace of mind, I would highly recommend Rabalais Estate Planning to you.