Rosalie Cloy, Baton Rouge, LA

For the longest time I felt that I didn't have enough of an “estate” that my simple will could not handle. After attending the seminar I found out about from the local newspaper dealing with estate planning. I thought why not attend and see what I can learn. After the first few minutes of information I wish I had more of my family and friends there to get the benefit of the information. I learned so much in that brief hour, things are not given any thought to. Mainly, how to protect what little I did have for my children with the least amount of red tape. Knowing this would be used in a time of great distress, I can now rest easily and with great relief off my mind knowing I have done everything possible. What a restful feeling! Final note - all this necessary information is contained in a beautifully bound book and I finally have everything organized in one place. Again, thanks for the peace of mind.