Seminar Presentation

Gaynelle & John Rhodes, Denham Springs, Louisiana

We attended one of Mr. Rabalais' estate planning seminars in Baton Rouge. I must say that I was dreading going by I knew the "free meal" would be delicious because of it being at Flemings. I had attended a couple of other seminars in the past and was totally "lost" with all of the information presented. It was not on a level that an average person could understand. But I can honestly say that Mr. Rabalais' seminar was NOT like that. He was very thorough, down-to-earth, and I actually found the seminar pleasant and enjoyable. John and I are both so relieved that we went and have been able to plan this part of our lives and do not worry about what will happen with our estate when we are gone. He and his staff has been very professional and thorough in all of these matters and we highly recommend him to anyone needing this type of advise. 

Lawrence & Marie Cannon, Gonzales, Louisiana

I am first of all very satisfied with Rabalais Estate Planning because they made me feel comfortable talking to them and not afraid they would make me feel so uneducated. They were all very friendly from the lady at the front desk to Mr. Rabalais himself. They explain things so you understand in layman's words and answer any questions you want to ask. They make sure that they understand exactly how you want your estate planning out and guide you to make sure you are covered on everything. I am so glad I went to the seminar to learn about planning a trust so my family will have no troubles and worries when my husband and I pass away. 

Richard & George Jeansonne, New Orleans, Louisiana

The seminar given by Paul Rabalais was excellent. It was clear and came at a perfect time for our retirement planning. At our first meeting with Mr. Rabalais, he was a very good listener, took notes and captured and addressed all of our concerns. The staff was able to answer our many questions with clarity and always returned calls promptly. Mr. Rabalais is very knowledgeable in the law and is very astute at explaining it to his clients.  

Allyson Eckman, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Paul Rabalais and his team has helped and served me and my family since 2005 after attending one of his seminars. I followed up the seminar with an appointment to evaluate my family situation and was pleased with the attention he gave my complex family. After experiencing the loss of several family members, I was comforted and secure knowing that everything had been taken care of prior. It all took a couple of appointments to sign papers because all had been done years before. Thank You.

Neil & Glenda Dees, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

We first met Paul and Carol at a lunch on Highland Road. To Glenda and I, the meal was good. After, Paul sat across the table from us and answered questions for us. Glenda and I went to his office on Siegen Lane. Glenda and I asked what he could do about land in two different parishes. We live in Baton Rouge. He had an excellent plan and suggestions. Glenda and I feel that Paul Rabalais, Carol, Catherine, Brooke, and Ciara went above and beyond the call of duty. These people are extremely efficient by also friendly. 

Vernon & Juanita Morgan, Lake Charles, Louisiana

As my wife and I began to develop questions concerning our will, probate problems, and in general what are Louisiana's laws concerning these things, Paul Rabalais offered a short evening seminar to talk about just such things. The seminar was very helpful, basically bringing up idea we had never considered. Mr. Rabalais offered us a very informative book he had written which gave us a way to study terms he had discussed in his seminar. After we asked Mr. Rabalais to help us with our estate planning, we met and he developed items for us to consider as he asked questions about lives and wishes. Everything done was easy, comfortable, and logical. His law office is occupied by dedicated professionals and my wife and I have had a burden lifted. We are grateful for Rabalais Estate Planning's help. 

Rosalie Cloy, Baton Rouge, LA

For the longest time I felt that I didn't have enough of an “estate” that my simple will could not handle. After attending the seminar I found out about from the local newspaper dealing with estate planning. I thought why not attend and see what I can learn. After the first few minutes of information I wish I had more of my family and friends there to get the benefit of the information. I learned so much in that brief hour, things are not given any thought to. Mainly, how to protect what little I did have for my children with the least amount of red tape. Knowing this would be used in a time of great distress, I can now rest easily and with great relief off my mind knowing I have done everything possible. What a restful feeling! Final note - all this necessary information is contained in a beautifully bound book and I finally have everything organized in one place. Again, thanks for the peace of mind.

Elizabeth Ginn, Baton Rouge, LA

I attended Paul Rabalais’ estate planning seminar several years ago and I procrastinated about making an appointment. I was very impressed with Mr. Rabalais’ knowledge of the law, but I was fearful that the process would be confusing and time-consuming. I recently had Mr. Rabalais create a will, power of attorney, and a living will for me. He and his staff were extremely knowledgeable, kind and professional and he gently guided me through the process thoroughly explaining each action. For a wonderful peace of mind, I would highly recommend Rabalais Estate Planning to you.

Kenneth and Peggy LeBeau, Baton Rouge, LA

"Peggy and I attended an information seminar on estate planning presented by Paul A. Rabalais.  We were very interested in the information received on a revocable living trust as explained by Mr. Rabalais.  We made arrangements after this seminar to learn more about procedures to set up such a trust in our names.  We wanted to have our business in order to lessen the burden on our children and grandchildren upon our death.  Our concerns were all answered in the formulation of our trust.  Mr. Rabalais and his entire staff were found to be very professional in every way and we would recommend their services to anyone considering estate planning.

- Kenneth and Peggy LeBeau, Baton Rouge, LA

Wilfred and Dorothy Scott, Lafayette, LA

"This was an absolute great life-learning and life-altering experience that has changed lives as well as our thinking or re-thinking when it comes to future probate, succession and estate planning for sure.  In fact, this seminar presentation is the most detailed and most informative on estate planning, probate, succession, etc. that we have every had an opportunity to attend.

We are now very grateful and hopeful for the future outlook in regards to our affairs in all areas.  Attorney Paul Rabalais did an outstanding job in a clear well-organized manner in his factual legal documentation for everyone to be able to fully comprehend.  Specific information was very concise on the "how to," "the why to," "the where to" as well as the "what to do" and establish for all documents needed to establish a Living Trust andIrrevocable Trust.

We also greatly acknowledge and appreciate the professionalism, the smooth transition and directives in setting up our very own living trust just the way things were presented in an expedious and excellent manner.  Mr. Rabalais and his staff are just absolutely excellent in what they do.  For this, we are very pleased and thankful for the service rendered.  We highly recommend Rabalais Estate Planning for anyone's estate planning needs.  Thank you.

- Wilfred and Dorothy Scott, Lafayette, LA

John Michael and Peggy Gulledge, Baton Rouge, LA

"We received the flyer in the mail and it had just so happened that both my husband and I had lost our parents in the past two years.  So we were thinking along these lines anyway.  My mom had everything in a trust for my brother, sister and I.  It made it so much easier.  Fortunately, my husband's parents also had all their information listed.  We thought we would go to the seminar and get the most current information to do this for ourselves as well.  We signed up that very night.  Paul was very personable and presented the facts about the options clearly and with a little story that made it very understandable.  We felt that he was the right person for us and we have not been disappointed.  And the bonus is that the staff is just as personable, nice and attentive.  We would definitely recommend that you check it out for yourselves if this is where you are in your life.  It well be time well spent!"

- John Michael and Peggy Gulledge, Baton Rouge, LA

Pearly and Trudy Broussard

"From the time we went to Paul's seminar to the time we got the completed "Estate Planning Portfolio," we were very pleased with the professional way he handled our legal affairs.  We are very pleased and happy with Paul's services.

- Pearly and Trudy Broussard, Youngsville, LA

Gerald and DeLores Mayeaux

"For years, we were contemplating how to protect our estate from taxes and probate.  We decided to go to Paul Rabalais' presentation, where all our concerns were answered in a very easy, understanding way.  His staff were very helpful in getting us through this phase of our life.  We are very pleased and satisfied with our results.  Money well spent, thanks to Paul Rabalais and staff.

- Gerald and DeLores Mayeaux,  Baton Rouge, LA

Rosa Melerine, Meraux, LA

“I encourage everyone to attend the seminars.  They are very informative and Chris Kane explains everything in a way you can understand.  He is very knowledgeable and patient about answering all questions.  We highly recommend him and we thank him for working with us.”
Rosa Melerine, Meraux, LA

David and Kathleen Serrone, Jefferson, LA

“We attended a luncheon session and were impressed by the clear, informative presentation. This was the assistance we were seeking in preparing our legal paperwork.  Chris and his staff were most caring and efficient in drawing up our portfolios and meeting our needs.”

                                     - David & Kathleen Serrone, Jefferson, LA

Norman and Isabelle Melancon, Youngsville, LA

When we went to hear Mr. Paul Rabalais speak, and so eloquently about laws of LA. and talking about putting out assets in a Trust, we decided to do it. We had out wills and one daughter as Power of Attorney, we thought that was all we needed. Rabalais Estate Planning helped us to decide on a family trust. Thank you so much for all the help and guidance on the matter. We highly recommend them on all this.
-Norman and Isabelle Melancon

Jim and Maggie Wingate, Baton Rouge, LA

We attended an estate plan seminar held by Paul Rabalais in the fall of 2015. He explained things so well that we understood the importance of protecting one’s estate from probate and taxation. Also, the staff was pleasant and knowledgeable. The Portfolio of our trust, with all papers in their respective place, was a plus I really appreciated.
-Jim and Maggie Wingate

Beverly Werner, Prairieville, LA

Your presentation of the issues and how to handle them was very clear and easy to understand. I loved the focus on doing things the most cost effective and expedient way. I have complete confidence that our estate has been thoroughly handled in our family’s best interests.

Mr. and Mrs. James Cockle, Baton Rouge, LA

From the beginning (presentation by Mr. Rabalais to the office visits), it was handled professionally. Any questions that we had were answered in a manner that we could understand. Each item in the process was explained as we went through it. We were assured that any question we had later, we could contact the office for answers, or how to solve any problem that might occur.