What To Look For In An Estate Planning Attorney


The law is comprised of a default plan to dispose of property after you die that involves a long court process with large tax consequences for your heirs.  The alternative is to plan things ahead of time with documents such as trusts and wills with a Rabalais Estate Planning attorney.  Whether your estate is a complex or relatively simple one, having an attorney to help you is essential. 

  • Our Sole Focus Is Estate Planning.  At Rabalais Estate Planning, estate planning is all that we do. Our attorneys are highly knowledgeable in the field and can answer questions regarding complex estate planning and estate tax issues.
  • Rabalais Estate Planning Offers Services For A Fixed Amount.  Your estate planning documents must be continually reviewed and updated throughout your personal or business life. There is great value added in knowing that your customized and comprehensive plan will cover you through any and all life-changing events and law revisions.  You will benefit from the peace of mind in knowing that Rabalais Estate Planning is with you for a lifetime.
  • Our Attorneys Have Many Years of Experience. Since 1995, we have had the opportunity to witness estate planning documents in action when a client becomes disabled or dies.  Rabalais Estate Planning attorneys have worked with thousands of simple and complex estates and have revised and tweaked many estate documents to deal with the everyday situations that our clients encounter.

“Procedures were swiftly put into place to meet my needs and were fully and clearly explained.  Mr. Rabalais was very accommodating.  A plan to amend my trust was made, and the attention to detail could not have been better.  In one word:  scholarly. Everyone was most sensitive to being thorough.  Time was taken on the project to get it right.” -Marc Pettaway